Health Care Reform for the People.

Proposal for health care reform

If the United States supposedly has the best health care in the world, why are we ranked 42nd in life span?

I find the current health care law to be ridiculous and pointing us in entirely the wrong direction.
It is what the insurance companies want,
It is what the Doctor's and hospitals want,
It is what the pharmaceutical companies want,

but it is NOT what the people want or need.

Why do we have one of the highest rates of heart attacks? (death rate is 13th in the world)

Why do we have one of the highest rates of cancer

Why do we have one of the highest rates of diabetes?

Why do we have one of the highest rates of maternal death? (33rd in the world)

Why does the US have a higher infant mortality rate than 32 other countries? (33rd)

We need the right health care reform to correct these failures and many others as well.

I am requesting your assistance and comments in editing and wording as well as suggestions for improvement and additional topics that need to be addressed.

The people want to have a system that gives them affordable access to quality health care for the rest of their lives. In reality, most individuals believe that much of our health care is over-priced because of excess profiteering.

Most people favor building on the good aspects of the present system and the bits of it that seem to work well while improving the parts that are not working well..

Many people think that both the total cost and the out-of-pocket costs of health care are too high, and that everyone should be covered without increasing the overall cost to the public or to individuals.

The people do not want to pay much higher taxes or higher out-of-pocket costs. They donít want to damage the economy or increase unemployment. They dislike the idea of rationing and oppose anything that they think might reduce the quality of their care or limit their choices.

They want someone to provide good and fair information on which treatments and/or alternatives work better or worse, but do not want any care denied that a doctor or patient wants.

Help reform health care by voicing your opinion.

A friend of mine has started a website for a new constitutional amendment that requires that all bills/laws must be 500 words or less. Please see: 500 words or less amandment.In consideration of this, I want to propose a basic health care reform bill(s) as follows:

This Proposal

Insurance for All - no exclusion for pre-existing conditions

The Right to choose - no denial of proper health care

No excessive duplication of cost - no repeated tests by different doctors

No unnecessary or harmful procedures - reducing waste and additional injury

Annual medical examinations and preventative care must be included with all insurance plans

Fair and reasonable rates - Health care providers must charge only fair and reasonable rates.

Income tax exemption - 100 percent deduction of all out of pocket health care costs from income taxes

Health Savings Account - Tax exempt Health savings account is yours to keep and use for life. No expiration.

Limitation of Tort costs - Limits lawyer fees but no limit on individuals collecting for injuries or loss

Children who are grown but attending higher education or job skills training while unemployed, will be covered under their parents plan up to the age of 26 with no additional cost.

Immediate coverage on employment - Employers must provide a plan of immediate basic coverage of all emploiyees as of the date of employment.

Children who develop life long disabilities before reaching adulthood which require them to remain with their parents shall be covered on the family plan regardless of their age.

health care plan bill #1:

Insurance for All

While you may be shocked by the list below, those are all items that are known to cause significant health care problems and costs.

Insurance providers may not discriminate against anyone for any pre-existing health condition, any predictive condition, or any other condition except as follows:

Insurance providers may access extra charges proportional to patient controllable abuses such as:
tobacco use (major cause of cancer and cardiac failure),
excessive sugar consumption (significant cause of diabeties),
consumption of high fructose corn syrup (major cause of diabeties and liver damage),
excessive alcohol consumtion (cause of liver damage),
use of statin drugs (cause of liver damage, muscle loss, and hides true circulatory problems),
consumption of aspartame (cause of vision loss and 91 other problems),
acesulphane ( can cause headaches, depression, nausea, mental confusion, liver effects, kidney effects, visual disturbances, and cancer ),
acetominophen (major cause of liver failure),
ibuprofen (major cause of kidney failure),
chemo therapy drugs(poisons) that are known to damage the immune system,
excessive radiation ( major damage to DNA and immune system ) such as CT scans, mammograms, or PET scans,
Antiretroviral drugs (Damage to cellular structure and function) such as AZT.

health care plan bill #2:

The Right to choose

As all humans are created equal and have the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the following bill is proposed:

No person who has been diagnosed with a potentially terminal condition, or diagnosed with a long term debilitation, shall be denied any medication, herb, treatment, or therapy that they wish to try. These options shall be provided at reasonable cost to the person desiring them. Their chosen health care provider must provide thorough counselling to both positive and negative effects of the chosen therapies as well as any alternatives that may be available at the time or that may have been used in the past. If a practioner is not familiar with all reasonable choices, it is their obligation to familiarize themselves in the most expedient manner possible in order to provide the patient with the best information regarding these choices.

health care plan bill #3:

No excessive duplication of cost

When a referral to a speciallist, clinic, hospital, or other health care modality is made, neither practicing party may pay or receive a referral fee.

Additionally, If the patient is referred to the specialist by the original practitioner because the original does not have the expertise to evaluate or treat the case then the original practitioner may only charge a minimum visitation fee.

If a practitioner performs any tests before referring the patient to another practitioner, they must verify that the tests are acceptable and usable by the practitioner referred to, before billing for the tests. If any tests are not usable by the referred practioner, then the patient and insurer may not be charged for those tests. Additionally, the referred practioner must advise the referring practioner, insurer, and patient as to why the tests were not usable.

health care plan bill #4:

No unnecessary or harmful procedures

When a medical professional decides to perform a test to further evaluate a patients condition, they must not cause frivoulous or unnecessary charges or cost or additional unnecessary health risks to the patient. If it is found upon review that the proceedure was unnecessary, then the professional will reimburse both the anount charged to the insurer and ten times the amount charged to the patient. A procedure will be deemed unnecessary if any of the following apply:

A) The procedure is unlikely to provide significant additional information to assist in the diagnosis.

B) The procedure provides risk beyond the value of the additional information that would be provided.

C) A less expensive or more reliable way of gathering the information is available, unless the less expensive method results in greater risk to the patient.

D) The condition is obviously minor and does not merit additional procedures.

The list above is not complete or all inclusive but may be used as an original guideline.

health care plan bill #5:

Annual medical examinations and preventative care must be included with all insurance plans

All persons will be covered for a thorough and comprehensive annual checkup and preventative care including analysis of vitamin levels, minerals, and hormones as well as standard blood analysis. The objective of this is to insure optimum health and not just acceptable conditions.
health care plan bill #6:

Fair and reasonable rates

Health care providers including pharmaceutical companies, will charge fair and reasonable rates and will not charge high markup rates and fees.

Because a particular rate is considered usual and customary does not make it fair and reasonable.

If a patient or their insurer is charged fraudulent or multiple charges for services, materials, supplies, or fees, they will be reimbursed ten times the excess amount charged.

health care plan bill #7:

Income tax exemption

All health care costs will be exempted from income tax. The costs exempted will include preventative health care such as supplementation with vitamins and herbs. Any extreme out of pocket cost may be averaged over a 10 year period.

health care plan bill #8:

Health Savings Account

All persons are entitled to set up a health savings account (HSA) in which they may invest up to $100,000 in preparation for future health costs. The account must be insured against loss of value but may otherwise be invested at the owners desire. Any financial gains from the account will be exempt from taxation when withdrawn.

The funds in the HSA are not lost but are a permanent asset for health care expenses and additional retirement resource.

At the age of 62, the HSA owner may withdraw 5 percent of the assets each year for non health related purposes and the withdrawal will be tax exempt.

At the age of 70, the tax exempt amount that may withdrawn for non health related use will increase to 7 percent.

At any time that a person is determined to have a terminal condition, they may withdraw the full amount of their HSA account and the full withdrawal will be tax exempt.

health care plan bill #9:

Limitation of Tort costs

Legal limitation of health care tort fees.

Attornerys may only collect 10 percent of a settlement after costs in health care tort cases. The attorney's fees may not be included in the cost calculation. Alternatively, if the attorney's fees would exceed the 10 percent, the attorney may in place of the 10 percent, charge its normal average fee rate that was charged to all clients during the period that the case was handled. If the case is decided for the defendant, the court will then decide if that case was frivolous or if it had some reasonable merit. If the case is found to be frivoulous after being heard, both the plaintiffs attorney and the plaintiffs will be held equally accountable for the defendants direct costs associated with defending against the claim unless the judge finds reasonable exception to this. If the plaintifs withheld information from the attorney that resulted in the loss of the case in which case, the judge may rule that the plaintiffs should be solely responsible for the costs. However, if the judge find that the plaintiffs had been solicited by the attorney, then he may hold the attorney responsible for the costs. The judge may also assign portions of the cost based on combinations above.

health care plan bill #9:

Immediate coverage on employment

Employers must provide a plan of immediate basic coverage of all employees as of the date of employment. This plan may be temporary until the employee has reached the normal probationary period. The plan must provide coverage for a minimum of 70 percent of health care costs and must include a minimum of one doctors visit, including necessary tests within two weeks of employment. If the employer provides a physical prior to employment, then this shall serve as the minimum doctor's visit, unless the physical indicates that further testing is needed. Employers may not refuse to accept ot provide employmnet on the basis of the exam except in cases where a health problem can be reasonably shown to cause risk to the hiree or to other employees in which case, the employer must attempt to provide alternate employment suitable for the employees health condition.

health care plan bill #10:

Cost recovery

To pay for this, it is proposed to levy a 1 to 5 percent national sales tax only on health damaging products, such as listed on the web page ( with other items to be added later, such as GMO corn and other GMO products). The tax would be based on the damage caused and risk with Tobacco being 5 percent. Organically grown foods shall be tax exempt.
health care plan bill #11:

Insurance corruption

Companies that provide insurance may not have a vested interest in any or the technologies, modalities, or therapies that they provide coverage for.
health care plan bill #12:

Medical corruption

Individuals and/or companies that provide health care may not have a vested interest in any or the technologies, modalities, or therapies that they provide, other than the equipment that they directly use.
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